Alexis Buck


Alexis Buck (@livein5d) is a highly active Great-Awakening Social Media Presence with a passion for supporting those experiencing “ascension symptoms” with scientific and esoteric data.
She has dedicated her life to pushing forward the Full-Disclosure Narrative/Timeline by sharing ALL information that has been traditionally unspoken in order to do her part to progress Earth towards “the Event” or the “Great Solar Flash.”
Her current project is a Youtube channel/FB Page called “Ascension Diaries”
which discuss data reflecting the cosmic weather fluctuations and how those energies have manifested into the lives of people on Earth.
Her other projects include a social media campaign called “New Earth Memes” aimed at bringing awakened humour and knowledge to the youthful masses. You can support this campaign by joining the Facebook group or following the account on Instagram, they take all submissions so this is a great opportunity to conscious creators.
She can be reached on her website where she offers sessions
You can support her work by becoming a patron here: where she offers a monthly tarot reading for those who share 20$ monthly.