Heather Sartain


Heather is back with us on episode 018! on Oct 19th!

Heather Sartain is a professor at the University of Houston, has a degree in Geophysics and Astronomy, is an expert on the pineal gland, and was recently on Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. She is currently working on 3 books, one which is called The Devolution of the Pineal Gland. She will be sharing with us some information that isn't even published yet so we are excited to have her on the show,

Growing up, Heather remember's hearing her father, who was an aerospace engineer for both NASA and Lockheed Martin, having highly interesting conversations with his friends and colleagues. Some of the information she will share with us is not information known or accepted by the general public. Look out because Heather is about to introduce our listeners to some E.T knowledge that her father imparted on her while he was still alive as well as how the geomagnetic field correlates with the magnetic field of our pineal gland,

Get ready because Heather is bringing a blend of scientific expertise with spiritual awareness into episode 10!