James Dierickx

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James Dierickx is an inventor who describes himself as 'whole brained' allowing him to access the left brain logic and the highly creative and intuitive right brain that can tap into areas science has yet to explain. He's inventing a way to reduce the electric car hassles drivers currently face and is on the verge of a major breakthrough that will become a part of our global history.

Jim's company, ME2, has designed a self-charging car loop battery system that will dramatically increase the distance an electric car can drive, thereby cutting down the need to find charging stations as well as the time spent charging.

His real passion however is stopping human trafficking, a global epidemic that plagues every country and is getting no main media coverage. His goal is to use his electric car company profits to fund his biggest invention that will be able to decrease the chances of human trafficking if not stop it altogether.

But his story doesn't stop there. Jim has lead an incredibly painful life from child birth and many times should not be alive today to be doing the work he is. His genius gifts started to show up at the early age of 5 when Jesus appeared before him in the middle of the night. This single event and the conversation he had with Jesus as a little boy would set off a chain of highly spiritual and scientifically unexplainable miraculous events that would change his life and the lives of others forever.

Don't miss his guest appearance on episode 007: Angels, Demons, Free Energy & Interdimensional Time Travel coming out Thursday August 3, 2017. You can also find the episode in iTunes

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