Sterling Nicole Bennett


Sterling Nicole Bennett joins us in Episode 035 as a skilled intuitive empath. She has spent her life thus far studying and experiencing all things paranormal and metaphysical. She is both a teacher and a student, always learning and constantly growing. Her mission on this planet is to help others through sharing her journey and insights with the world. 

"It’s not about where you go, it’s about how you get there. "

Some of Sterling's recent projects include: Youtube Channel Beyond Disclosure, "I Believe" Campaign for global disclosure, featured on Jimmy Church Radio Fade to Black, Interview about Psychic Connection and Astral Projection on Stillness in the Storm Show, working as a Conscious Agent for Stillness in the Storm, and Exclusive Interview about Blue Sphere Beings with Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode.

Tune in to Episode 035 to hear what she had to say.